Written Rules

Scoring System:


Team Best Ball -- Each player plays his own ball for the entire hole. Upon completing the hole, but prior to teeing off

on the next hole, the team must decide whose score to use.

You must use each player's score at least four times, but not more than five times.

Your team score for eighteen holes will be used to determine the TIT champion.

If you don't understand the system after this many years, you never will.







#1 -- Please follow standard golf rules & be honest

#2 -- No mulligans, foot wedges, or winter rules

#3 -- No "gimmees" outside of 6 inches.

#4 -- No individual scores greater than double par (e.g. 6 on par 3, 8 on par 4)

#5 -- Remember to count every stroke including penalty strokes and gimmee putts.

#6 -- You do not need to use a player's score on a hole in order to win a flag event on that hole.




Pastel Ball:


Each player must use the pastel ball once every four holes. The hole for each player is highlighted on the scorecard,

and rotates from A to B to C to D. The A & B will each play one extra hole with the pastel ball.

You must use the pastel ball for all shots tee to green, however, if you wish, you may putt with another ball.

The lowest team score will be crowned Pastel Ball Champion of the World, or get a kiss from one of the Wood brothers.




HINTS TO SPEED PLAY - Please attempt to keep play moving to complete your round in 4 hours 30 minutes or less

·         Order beer from the beer cart when someone else is hitting, not when it is your turn to hit.

·         Hit when you are ready. Don’t worry about honor – this group has none.  If you need more practice, swing while others are preparing to hit.

·         Read your putts as soon as you reach the green, not just when it is your turn to putt.

·         Think about your yardage, and what club you will need, as you ride up the fairway

·         If your ball is on the other side of the fairway from your cart partner's ball, take whatever clubs you need (and maybe an extra ball) with


you and let your partner drive over to his ball.

·         Spend less time looking at the line of the putt, and focus more on speed.

·         Don’t look for every ball like it is your first born child. They will make more balls. In fact, you’ll probably win some at the end of the round.

·         If your teammate hits from the sand [maybe multiple times] & still is not putting, help him out & rake the trap so he can get on with the next shot.

·         For most shots, one practice swing should be plenty. Take one practice swing, then hit.

·         Remember – no scores greater than double par. Just pick up & move on.

·         Everyone does not need to be on the green for putting to begin.