Unspoken Rules

1.  The Commish can over ride any of these rules

2.  "Sure Woman can Play" Rule - requires any player to play a hole topless at the request of their team mates

3.  From now on if you have to call a "pro" or your mom to verify the double hit T.I.T. penalty while the B Player
    is at a Nickleback concert, the person that made the call should also get a 2 stroke penalty

4.  There is no "E" player ranking, and once you are an A player you can never drop to anything lower than a B player

5.  There are no Dynasties in the T.I.T; it is all about me, beer, myself, Vodka Lemonades, and I.   And in some cases Country Kitchen

6.  Air Conditioning is not a God given right --- and the thermostat does not need to go under 60 degrees

7.  MR is the man when it comes to grilling

8.  This one is old school  -- Safety First.

9.  If you go to get a beverage of choice, please get TWO....someone else will probably also want a beverage