Team Eh - Jimmy Fossett (7), Kyle Bedalov (16), Fred Wood (20), Jim Derivan (the absence of Mark Schultz)

Team Bee - Andrew Wasmer (8), Randy Tiedt (17), Denny Gamradt (19), Mike Rhodes (all clubs except the 9 wood)

Team Sea - Mike Drewniak (7), Brian Bedalov (21), Ted Krez (22), Dave Steffen (a smoke free resort)

Team Dee - Amos (14), Dave Fancher (15), Jim Kozlick (19), Jim Wood (his brother(s))

Team Yi - Rob Schneider (13), Dickster (14), Mike Wendricks (23), Tim Miller (left handed clubs)


Team Fox River - Dickster, Tom M., Brian, & Jim Tiedt
Team Crazy Eyes - Was, Amos, Ted, Tim
Team 4 Letter - Jimm F, Dave F, Fred, Mike R
Team Stef-bed-lick-tell - Tom B, Kyle, Jim K, Dave S
Team WMC v WEAC - Mike D, Randy, Rob, Jim W

Team Fox River prevailed with a T.I.T. record one over par.  No individual on the team shot over 91 for the round.

The group raised $700 for Children’s Hospital in memory of Jim Wood’s son Jackson.



Team A - John Grey, Dave Fancher, Koz, Derivan
Team B - Tom Mowbray, Larry Bartruff, Fred, Tim Miller
Team C - Bartell, Randy, Nick Ruhland, Jim Wood
Team D - Drewniak, Amos, Jeff Alexander, Rhodes
Team E - Wasmer, BBrian, Wendricks, Krez
Team F - Dickster, Kyle, Josh, Schultz

Team F won because of the stellar play of C player Josh Howell


20th Anniversary Edition

Team A - Rob Fleissner, Jeff Alexander, Mike Wendricks, Ted Krez
Team B - Mike Drewniak, Tom Mowbray, Shawn Ama, Mike Derr
Team C - Tom Bartell, Kyle Bedalov, Josh Howell, Dave Steffen
Team D - John Grey, Dave Fancher, Randy Tiedt, Mike Rhodes
Team E - Dave Bolin, Rob Schneider, Jim Kozlick, Jim Wood
Team F - Rick Wehrenberg, Andy Wasmer, Fred Wood, Tim Miller

Team A was the winners but Jeff had to leave and was not in the Winners Picture


In a strange twist the Tourney has to be moved to June and is a ONE day only

Team A: Larry Bartruff, Josh Howell, Fred Wood, Mike Stern
Team B: Dave Fancher, Rob Schneider, Amos, Mike Rhodes
Team C: Jim Fossett, Randy Tiedt, Mike Wendricks, Greg Zilisch
Team D: Dickster, Kyle Bedalov, Tim Miller, Brian Klingberg
Team E: Mike Drewiak, Andy Wasmer, Mark Schultz, Mike Derr
Team F: Jeff Alexander, Brian Bedalov, Jim Koz, Jim Wood

Team D with virgin Brian Klingberg were victorious


The group returns to the Meadows of Six Mile Creek with a Friday Night
event at the Madison Mallards game

Winners were: Dickster, Brian, Krez, Derr



New Venue for this tournamnet - Evansville Golf Course.
And a record 28 golfers for the Championship Round

Group A: Dickster, Jim T., Skinny, Rhodes
Group B: Mark B., Randy, Derivan, Dave E.
Group C: Josh, Jim K., Tim, Jim W.
Group D: Larry B., Amos, Larry M., Mike S.
Group E: Kyle, Brian, Greg W., Joey
Group F: Andy, Travis, Fred, Dave S.
Group G: Dave F., Rob, Ted, Mike D.