The 7th T.I.T. was held at the "never forgettable" Portage Country Club in Portage.  For the second straight year 24 golfers participated.  Team D won on the brutal course with an 8 over par.

Team A:  Tom Bartell, Blake Tonn, Jeff Trott, Mike Derr
Team B:  Marc Trott, Mark Tomaschek, Fred Wood, Dave Steffen
Team C:  Brian Bedalov, Joe Militello, Scott Hall, Otis
Team D:  Dan Hose, Josh Howell, Kyle Bedalov, Lynn Pillsbury

Team E:  Greg Olsen, Jim Derivan, Amos, Randy Tiedt
Team F:  Jim O’Neil, Mike Rhodes, Tim Miller, Mike Wendricks

Josh, Dan, Lynn, Kyle

The eighth Tiedt Invite was at Mascoutin Golf Course near Berlin.  Twenty four golfers weathered the sweltering heat.  Team F was the winner.

Team A: Brian Busler (85), Jim O'Neil (86), Jack Stephenson (95) Mike Rhodes (110)
Team B: John Grey (79), Kyle Bedalov (92), Andy Wasmer (93), Jim Wood (110)
Team C: Jim Fossett (79), Randy Tiedt (92), Gordy Oosterhouse (100), Dave Steffen (105)
Team D: Tom Bartell (80), Shawn Ama (90), Lynn Pillsbury (98), Jim Derivan (110)
Team E: Dan Hose (83), Brian Bedalov (87), Tim Miller (100), Mike Derr (106)
Team F: Jay VandenBoogart (85), Jeff Alexander (87), Mike Wendricks (92), Blake Tonn (110)

In what can pnly be described as the strongest field in T.I.T. History, Team B dominated the field with a 2 over par 74.  Amos shot a 75 and Tom Bartell shot a 78.  John Grey ended his 6 year drought of losing to Tom, with a T.I.T. record score of 1 over par 73.  The venue for this year was
Meadows of Six Mile Creek.

Front Row (Left to Right): Kyle Bedalov, Jim Wood, Amos, Fred Wood, Dave Fancher, Larry Duffee, Randy Tiedt
Back Row (Left to Right): Tim Miller, Mike Wendricks, Andy Wasmer, John Grey, Dave Steffen, Mike Rhodes, Rob Schneider, Tom Bartell, Brian Bedalov

Team A: John Grey, Mike (Phat Skinny) Wendricks, Fred Wood, Dave Steffen
Team B: Tom Bartell, Shawn (Amos) Ama, Tim Miller, Mike Rhodes
Team C: Rob Schneider, Kyle Bedalov, Randy Tiedt, Dave Fancher
Team D: Brian Bedalov, Andy Wasmer, Larry Duffee, Jim Wood

Randy, Amos. Tim, Tom, Mike

The only thing that needs to be said is that "Tiedt Finally did it!"  That was only because he D player in Joe Militello shot a record of 1 under for a D player.

Team A: Jim Fossett, Kyle Bedalov, Joe Toonen, Steve Kreiter
Team B:
John Grey, Pete Underwood, Randy Tiedt, Joe Militello
Team C:
Brian Bedalov, Jim O'Neil, Fred Wood, Dave Steffen
Team D:
Tim Constein, Andy Wasmer, Josh Howell, Dave Fancher
Team E:
Rob Schneider, Shawn Ama, Greg Wood, Mike Rhodes
Team F:
Tom Bartell, Tim Miller, Mike Wendricks, Jim Wood

Pete, Joe, Randy, John

2003 Player Hole by Hole Stat


The 11th Tiedt Invitational was held at the ever dry Lake Wisconsin Country Club
 in Prairie Du Sac.  A brief rain delay at the start of the practice round led to great weather
for the rest of Friday and end of the round on Saturday

Randy Tiedt defends his title and becomes the first player to win
back to back title in the 11 year history.

Tiedt shoots what he believes is his best round with an 83.  Some called him a sandbagger C Player


Team A: Jim Fossett, Andy Wasmer, Tim Miller, Dave Steffen
Team B:
Tom Bartell, Kyle Bedalov, Randy Tiedt, Mike Rhodes
Team C:
John Grey, Brian Bedalov, Greg Wood, Steve Kreiter
Team D:
Mike Drewniak, Shawn Ama, Mark Schultz, Jim Derivan
Team E:
Jim Kirsh, Jim O'Neil, Fred Wood, Dave Fancher
Team F:
Rob Schneider, Larry Bartruff, Mike Wendricks, Mike Derr

Mike Rhodes, Randy Tiedt, Kyle Bedalov, Tom Bartell

2004 Hole by Hole Breakdown


Team A: Brian Bedalov, Shawn Ama, Mark Schultz, Jim Wood
Team B:
Mike Drewniak, Rob Schneider, Tim Miller, Steve Kreiter
Team C:
Jim Fossett, Randy Tiedt, Mike Wendricks, Shawn Conley
Team D:
Andy Wasmer, Kyle Bedalov, Dave Fancher, Mike Rhodes
Team E:
Tom Bartell, Greg Olsen, Fred Wood, Jim Derivan

Tim Miller, Rob Schneider, Mike Drewniak, and Steve Kreiter won
with a score of +3.  Randy Tiedt is on the far left.


In the hottest conditions in most recent history of the outing, Rob Schneider defends his title after
a playoff is needed to break a +5 tie.  Team B defeated Team D in a chip off.

Team A: Tom Bartell, Kyle Bedalov, Mike Wendricks, Jim Wood 
Team B:
Rob Schneider, Dave Fancher, Mike Rhodes 
Team C:
Shawn Ama, Andy Wasmer, Randy, Steve Kreiter 
Team D:
Brian Bedalov, Jim O'Neil, Fred Wood, Tim Miller


Randy, Dave Fancher, Rob Schneider, Mike Rhodes.


A three team playoff resulted in one of the most memorable Tiedt Invitational Tournaments every.  The infamous "Double Hit" by
Brian Bedalov will live in the history of this event.  Team Phoenix was eliminated from the three team playoff when A Player Brett Clark
misses a 6 foot putt.  This was going on while the Rules Committee was investigating the BBrian double hit.  Team RALF and Team Kramerica Industries
went to sudden death playoff at the D Player level, and was won by Jim Wood who defeated Steve Kreiter.

The weather was spectacular both during the practice round and the Saturday round.    The course at Devil's Head was
in great condition.  The three teams that tied at +6 (78) were the Phoenix, RALF, and Kramerica Industires.

Team WEAC     Mike Drewiak (10), Jim O’Neil (14), Fred Wood (23), Mike Rhodes (32)
Team Phoenix
     Brett Clark (7), Dave Fancher (19), Mike Wendricks (21), Dave Steffen (32)
     Shawn Ama (14), Brian Bedalov (15), Randy Tiedt (18), Jim Wood (32)
Team Lefty [+ Andy]
     Andy Wasmer (10), Tim Miller (16), Josh Howell (21), Mike Derr (32)
Kramerica Industries
     Tom Bartell (8), Kyle Bedalov (14), Mark Schultz (24), Steve Kreiter (32)
Team Edward Jones
     John Grey (5), Rob Schneider (12), Bill Dynes (30), James Derivan (32)


Whispering Springs became a two time host.  Course conditions were fabulous, but the lodging over shadowed anything
the course could produce.  We had a rain delay during the final round that delay the action.  A playoff was
once again needed to determine the winner.

Team Drewiak - Mike Drewiak, Dave Fancher, Tim Miller, Dave Steffen
Team Becker - Rick Becker, Rick Wehrenberg, Mike Wendricks, Jim Derivan
Team Waz - Andy Wasmer, Larry Bartruff, Josh Howell, Bill Dynes
Team O'Neil - Jim O'Neil, Jason Marty, Patrick Wolfram, Steve Kreiter
Team Teid-alov - Kyle Bedalov, Randy Tiedt, Mike Rhodes, Steve Cardarella
Team Beda-Amos - Brian Bedalov, Shawn Ama, Jim Wood, Fred Wood


Winners - Commish, Mike, Dave F., Dave S., Tim


FoxFire was host for the second time and what a gracious host she was.  The Bar area allowed us to use their grill for some fine dinning outside, and although the weather was cool for both the practice and final rounds, there was not a dull moment to be had.

2009 Group Photo

Team A: Jason Marty, Jim Kozlick, Mike Wendricks, Jim Wood
Team B: Larry Bartruff, Jim Tiedt, Dave Fancher, Steve Kreiter
Team C: Mike Drewniak, Randy Tiedt, Josh Howell, Bill Dynes
Team D: Rick Wehrenberg, Andy Wasmer, Tim Miller, Mike Rhodes
Team E: Jim O’Neil, Kyle Bedalov, Brian Bedalov, Jim Derivan
Team F: Rob Schneider, Shawn Ama, Fred Wood, Dave Steffen


From Left to Right - Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, and Jim

2009 Winners

2009 Winners   -   From Left to Right - Randy, Fred, Dave, Amos, Rob