The first T.I.T. was held in 1994 at Tuscumbia G.&T.C. in Green Lake. There was a very slim turnout in year one, as only seven golfers actually arrived to play. Those seven were...

Team A: Kyle Bedalov, Ron Freeman, Tim Miller
Team B: Jim O'Neil, Greg Zilisch
Team C: Randy Tiedt, Pat Ehlenfeldt

Team A came away with their names on the illustrious championship plaque.

The 1995 Invitational was held at Camelot C.C. in Lomira, and it had much better participation with the following 16 golfers hacking up the course...

Team A: Paul Kastenmeier, Tom Hupf, Bob Schegetz, Jim O'Neil
Team B: Larry Duffee, Kyle Bedalov, John Piechowski, Tim Miller
Team C: Dan Cupery, Jeff Alexander, Jeff's Brother-in-Law (Drew?), Ron Freeman
Team D: Mike Rhodes, Tim Constien, Jim Tiedt, Randy Tiedt

Team A was the championship foursome

The Third T.I.T. was held at Rock River Hills in Horicon. A record 20 golfers participated, and we had our first two-time winners in Ron Freeman and Tim Miller of Team B. Flag events were awarded on each hole for the first time, due to extremely good participation from our Corporate Sponsors.

Team A: Kyle Bedalov, Dave Erickson, John Piechowski, Mark Tomashek
Team B: Jeff Alexander, Jim Derivan, Ron Freeman, Tim Miller
Team C: Tom Hupf, Jim O'Neil, Mike Rhodes, Bob Schegetz
Team D: Pat Ehlenfeldt, Jim Tiedt, John Tiedt, Travis Tiedt
Team E: Shawn "Amos" Ama, Larry Duffee, Randy Tiedt, Chad Vredeveld

The fourth annual Tiedt Invitational took place July 26, 1997 at the site of the inaugural T.I.T. in Green Lake at Tuscumbia Golf & Tennis Club. The following twenty brave golfers lined up to take the T.I.T. challenge:

Team A: Shawn Ama, John "Otis" Lesher, Fred Wood, Mike Rhodes
Team B: Tom Bartell, Paul Kastenmeier, Cory Franke, Larry Duffee
Team C: Kyle Bedalov, Mike Wendricks, Tim Miller, John Piechowski
Team D: John Grey, Jeff Alexander, Jim Derivan, Jim DeYoung
Team E: Denny Gamradt , Randy Tiedt, Rob Minnema, Nate Hildebrandt

Team B was the winning foursome

For the fifth anniversary of the Tiedt Invitational we played Whispering Springs near Fond du Lac. The championship went to Team D with a score of 77. Actual scores for each team & player are shown in parenthesis. Jim Derivan was the sandbagger of the tournament, shooting 18 strokes under his estimate.

Team A (80): Shawn "Amos" Ama (87) Fred Wood (101) Dave Steffen (98)
Team B (84): Tom Bartell (82) Paul Kastenmeier (108) Tim Miller (110)
Team C (87): Kyle Bedalov (85) Randy Tiedt (104) Mark Trott (95) Jon "Otis" Lesher (91)
Team D (77): John Grey (82) Jim O'Neil (87) Gordy Oosterhouse (100) Jim Derivan (102)
Team E : Mike Wendricks (98) Brian Bedalov (86) Phil "Goose" Gehrke (101) Lynn Pillsbury (105)

The sixth Tiedt Invite was held at the Meadows of Six Mile Creek. Twenty golfers were there to hack away, with the first ever sudden death playoff needed to determine the eventual champions. Teams B & C tied, with B winning the playoff. Player scores are followed by their estimates.

Team A: John Grey (79), Kyle Bedalov (95), Fred Wood (104), Mike Derr (110)
Team B: Tom Bartell (83), Marc Trott (95), Larry Duffee (99), Blake Tonn(110)
Team C: Jim O'Neil (86), Amos (87), Randy Tiedt (89), Mike Rhodes (104)
Team D: Mark Tomashel (85), Mike Wendricks (93), Gordy Oosterhouse (100), Jim Derivan (108)
Team E: Brian Bedalov (86), Otis (92), Dave Steffen (96), Tim Miller (105)